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Burn My Eye - Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

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Born from the ‘Hardcore Street Photography’ group (an on-line community on Flickr) in 2011, Burn My Eye grew from a small group of photographer that shared a passion for candid/ straight picture making. Wanting to encourage personal development through critique and discussion with respected peers, the members embraced different sensibilities and culturally backgrounds which allowed for a broad set of influences in a close-knit environment. The name of the group came from a title of an album by ‘Radio Birdman’, an iconic group of the Australian underground punk scene of the late 1970’s

Burn my Eye has exhibited as a group at the London Festival of Photography (2012) and Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff (2012). This Autumn, they will be showing work at The ‘Mois de la Photo’, Paris, The MAP Festival, Toulouse and the Brighton Photo Biennial. They are currently negotiating with two festivals for 2015.

There are currently 14 members across three continents:

Don Hudson (b.1950 USA) has been documenting his personal relationship with a camera in his culture around Detroit, Michigan, since 1972. A book of his black and white photographs from the last century, From the Archives, was published in France in 2012 by FP&CF.

Simon Kossoff (Currently working in U.S.A), has been published in numerous magazines and blogs for his photographic series. He is also featured in Magnum’s Postcard from America blog, JPG and Netherworld Magazines. The book ‘Alterated state of Agoraphobia’ was published by Pistol & Fur in 2011.

Charalampos Kydonakis (Greece) Better known under the pseudonym of ‘Dirty Harry’, is considered a pioneer in the use of a particular style that incorporates flash. Considered to have been influential in expanding the genre of street photography, Harry continues to make striking images in a dark vein . Although he chooses to rarely exhibit, his work is featured widely on the internet and in magazines.

Junku Nishimura (Japan) has exhibited more than a dozen times in many countries including Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, Spain, Brazil, and Russia. He is known for his melancholic and nostalgic vision of Japan.

Jack Simon (U.S.A) has exhibited in the USA and England, (Format Festival and the London Festival of Photography, in which he was a finalist). He is esteemed in the street photography community, has won numerous awards, and has self-published two books ‘Untitled’ and ‘Seventy’.

Justin Vogel (U.S.A). His free flowing style characterises the influence of his active participation in the 1980’s New York punk scene. He has exhibited in Paris, Toulouse, London and Minneapolis.

TC Lin (Taiwan) is a photographer, filmmaker, author and musician. He has exhibited in several countries, including Taiwan, the UK and China, and his photography has appeared in such publications as TIME and The New Yorker. He has published two books, one in Chinese and one in English, and his band, the Muddy Basin Ramblers, released its second album in 2013. He has also directed a feature film, ‘The Kiss of Lady X’, which premiered in June of 2014 in Taiwanese movie theaters.

Andrew Kochanowski (U.S.A). Working in his home city of Detroit, Andy presents a colourful, surreal world often formed by reflections and sharply observed situations.

Zisis Karianos (Greece) has exhibited in in Greece and has had work published in David Alan Harvey’s ‘Burn Magazine’. He has published the book “A Sense of Place”, now offered for sale by ‘Indiphotobooklibrary’

Alexandros Konstantinakis (Greece) is currently conscripted into the Greek Army. He Is working on a number of long-term projects that present subtle examinations of public spaces.

Justin Sainsbury (U.K) has exhibited at Worthing Museum and London Festival Of Photography. His work examines the English disposition and how this is played out in leisure time. The pictures swing from traditional British slap-stick farce, through to a darker pathos.

Jason Penner (Canada) is currently working on projects focused on outsider perspectives, through both the documentaries of individuals and interpretations of environment.

JB Maher (Ireland) is always in the midst of the action and his direct style puts the viewer right in the frame. He has exhibited in London and Dublin as well as contributing to various print and online sources. He was chosen to shoot for Samsung’s ‘shoot wow share now’ live exhibition and was awarded a bronze medal in the street photography category of the 2013 Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year awards.

Frédéric Le Mauff (France) has exhibited in Paris, Toulouse, London and Minneapolis. His work mainly focuses on everyday life candid situations looking for complex and odd moments.

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