Portrait of James Casey

James Casey - Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

I am an artist educator specialising in the use of digital tools, albeit consciously.

Previous to my working in schools, which has become my primary practice, I worked for 15 years as a designer and consultant in the UK, Spain, Australia and the United States.

Having had a deep interest in computer graphics and visual communication since the early 80s, I was lucky enough to become manager of one of the worlds first internet cafés in 1995 when I was living in New York City. Our primary focus was educating New Yorkers about this new thing called the internet and the world wide web. This exciting and pioneering project ran for almost 2 years.

After returning to the UK where this new concept was just starting to gain popularity, I became the head of design at one of Europeans largest “public access” internet businesses.

Of the 4 years spent at Simply Internet, I worked on the development of many design projects which included interactive 3d interfaces and the overall aesthetics of this prolific chain both on and offline.

Following this 4 year project, I went to work as a freelancer in Australia on projects which involved more 3d interfaces for large companies such as Laminex and Swish. This work led to my being hired in Barcelona on a contract which lasted 1 year and took me to what was to become my home for 10 years. It was in this time that I formed my own 3d modelling, web design and photography company which operated for 8 years.
My professional background although deeply seated in the digital realm as an creator has always carried a strong sense of education whether it be in my work with schools, businesses or individuals., with over 15 years in industry – I however encourage, hands on and real-world approaches to creative projects.

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