Nathaniel Pitt, Plane Materials

Nathaniel Pitt - Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

Nathaniel Pitt (1975) born in Wordsley, Black Country, lives and works in Worcester UK. Nathaniel is an artist and gallerist, he is the director of Division of Labour an PITT projects. Nathaniel’s art and his work with others is collaborative and politically, socially, and

economically driven with a conceptual bent, grounded in the everyday. Nathaniel’s historical and contextual influences are found in the writings of Paulo Friere, Ivan Illich and John Roberts, the art of Allan Kapro, Mike Asher and Robert Barry and by art dealer

Seth Seigeglub. Nathaniel’s most recent artwork has included a performance at Croft Castle; The Black Flags of Croft and a series of residencies each year since 2008. Recent curatorial projects have included Dymaxion Playground; a public art project by Gavin Wade.

Est 1690.; Newspaper/art commission with Robert Barry, Elizabeth Rowe, Candice Jacobs and Chris Shaw Hughes. Demand and Supply; a presentation at Liste18 with Jeremy Hutchison. Forthcoming; a performance programme alongside ARTIST ROOMS:

Joseph Beuys exhibition at Worcester City Gallery and an invitation to curate the Birmingham City Library collection and archive.


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Plane Materials

Established art duo, Cornford & Cross, together with artist Andrew Lacon, explore the dialogue between photography and sculpture.

  • University of Brighton Gallery
  • 4 October - 2 November 2014