Joburg Photo Umbrella, Market Photo Workshop

Joburg Photo Umbrella

Three Brighton Photo Biennial projects form part of Joburg Photo Umbrella: The exhibition Return to Elsewhere and its digital iteration plus The Photocopy Club – a Giant Collective

Text, children sat in kitchen

So Like You

Working in collaboration with online communities, Scourti sets out to make sense of the overload of images online and how personal snapshots collide and mingle with millions of others through social platforms.

Plane Materials Exhibition

Plane Materials

Established art duo, Cornford & Cross, together with artist Andrew Lacon, explore the dialogue between photography and sculpture.

Magnum, One Archive, Three Views Exhibition

Magnum Photos: One Archive, Three Views

Three selectors are challenged to reinterpret how social, cultural and political inclinations have shaped Magnum’s globally renowned archive.

Lead Image. Hysterical

Twixt Two Worlds

An exploration of the transition between still and moving images sees historic cinematic techniques and apparatus set alongside works from contemporary artists.

REEF exhibition Simon Faithfull


A boat is towed out to sea before catching fire and sinking. It transmits images from the seabed as it transforms into an artificial reef; both an underwater sculpture and a lasting legacy for marine conservation.

Benjamin Piper taking photo

Wex Photographic Competition

Use the hashtag #WexBPB14 to tweet your own picture from wherever you are in the world to reflect the BPB14 theme Communities, Collectives and Collaboration

Sputnik Photos, Belarus , polaroid portraits stuck into notebook

Photoworks Ideas Series

Read the latest Photoworks articles focusing on the themes used within Brighton Photo Biennial


REEF: Wreck to Reef

Four speakers, including three partners involved in the REEF project, shed light on the process of creating an artificial reef

Girl taking a photograph, Vaida Morkunaite

The Crit

An open-call platform for sharing and discussing all types of works in progress, from photographic series, exhibitions, projects and ideas.

Ute, Photograph by Peter Watkins, Brighton Photo Fringe

Brighton Photo Fringe 2014

Founded in 2003, Brighton Photo Fringe provides a platform for local artists to self-organise exhibitions during the Brighton Photo Biennial. BPF also offers a whole host of opportunities for early-career photographers and photography curators to develop their practices.

Group of young people wait to board the big yellow bus

One Planet City FotoDocument Bus Tour

A cross-city tour of ten photo essays responding to the ten sustainability principles of One Planet Living installed in public locations around Brighton& Hove

People gathered in Music Room of Royal Pavilion in Brighton, UK, Lathigra, A Return to Elsewhere

BPB14 Out of Town Previews Tour Day

Coaches transport you, your friends and colleagues to locations beyond the city to visit exhibitions, take part in tours and talks throughout the day.

Eve Tegny, Photographers take photos together for SA/UK Commission

Opening Conversations

A series of panel discussions rotating on the BPB14 theme with international practitioners and commentators, hosted by Paul Hermann.