4 October - 2 November 2014

a Photoworks production

Magnum Photos Masterclass Weekend

Christopher Anderson, Magnum, Reflection in window in city© Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos, Reflection in window in Altamira, Venezuela, Caracas. 2006

University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton
Sat 1 – Sun 2 Nov 10am-5pm

Magnum Photos is an agency synonymous with integrity, curiosity and ‘concerned’ photography. As a modern agency, the current preoccupation is focused on the role of authorship in an image-saturated world, manifesting in a new means of culturally relevant production and leading to a greater dialogue with the wider art market, diverse platforms and emerging geographies. In the tradition of its commitment to emerging photographers, Magnum Photos will be hosting a two day photographic Masterclass, giving limited participants an opportunity to refine their sense of authorship and push their personal boundaries. The Masterclass will incorporate inspirational artist presentations from Magnum’s photographers Moises Saman and Christopher Anderson alongside portfolio critiques and an overnight shooting assignment challenge. Critiques will be conducted amongst Masterclass groups, fostering confidence building skills and the ability to communicate projects, as well as actively encouraging peer-to-peer feedback.

Click here for a link to the application page.

For more information or to book please email fiona.rogers@magnumphotos.com


© Magnum Photos, Kandahar, Afghanistan, March 2005.

© Magnum Photos, Kandahar, Afghanistan, March 2005.