4 October - 2 November 2014

a Photoworks production

REEF: Wreck to Reef

Simon Faithfull, Sunken Abandoned Ship, BRIONEY VICTORIA SUNK AND BROADCAST FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SEASunken Abandoned Ship, Simon Faithfull, 2014

Fabrica, Duke Street, Brighton
Wed 22 Oct 7.30 –9pm   

The scientific evidence for the benefit of artificial reefs is irrefutable, but the reality of creating a reef is long, controversial and complex. Four speakers, including three partners involved in the REEF project shed light on the process.

Gerald Legg, recently retired Keeper of Natural Science at the Booth Museum, Brighton describes what’s happening on the seabed and why artificial reefs are good for marine biodiversity.

Dr Ken Collins, Senior Research Fellow and Diving Officer at the University of Southampton. Based in the the National Oceanographic Centre he started studying artificial reefs with the Mary Rose historic warship in the late 1970s. He has constructed reefs in the UK and around the world and advises governments on the subject. Currently Dr Collins is one of the project leaders of Recif, a joint european project researching the materials, building methods and testing out the effects of artificial reefs in the Channel.

Marcus Darler and Sean Webb, directors of not-for-profit organisation Wreck to Reef outline their ambition to create a series of artificial reefs on a 1.5 square km of seabed near Portland, Dorset, what they have already achieved and why artificial reefs are good for diving tourism.

Caroline Smith, an independent producer working closely with Simon Faithfull introduces REEF as an art project that leaves a legacy for the environment and for Portland.

A Fabrica event

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Reef by Simon Faithfull, Photo by Gavin Webber

Simon Faithfull Interview for REEF Project

Simon Faithfull’s new commission, REEF, made in collaboration with marine biologists, began in August 2014 off the Dorset coast, where Faithfull’s boat was towed out to sea and deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef – serving as an underwater sculpture and a lasting legacy for marine conservation and diversity. Five cameras mounted on board […]

Sinking of Brioney Victoria ship, Simon Faithfull, REEF

Watch a Live Broadcast Sinking of REEF

Watch a live broadcast of the Brioney Victoria’s final voyage as it is set on fire and sunk as part of Simon Faithfull’s REEF project. Following the sinking, five cameras on board the boat will report back from its final resting place and document the slow transformation into a reef. You will be able to […]

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Past Brioney Victoria, pre sinking

13 Fathoms – Simon Faithfull

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