4 October - 2 November 2014

a Photoworks production

So Like You | Brighton Photo Biennial 2014 BPB14

Text, children sat in kitchen© So Like You, (2014), Video still

This exhibition has now travelled and is on show at The Photographers Gallery until Dec 3.

Working in collaboration with online communities, artist Erica Scourti sets out to make sense of the overload of images online and how personal snapshots collide and mingle with millions of others through social platforms.

So Like You highlights the tensions between individual and collective authorship in network culture. How can a creative individual be recognised as unique, when Instagram has made everyone’s photos look the same? What value has a snapshot once it’s uploaded and absorbed into a larger ‘cloud’ of image data?

Erica Scourti begins her investigation by uploading her personal archive of scanned photographs, letters, flyers and other ephemera to Google’s reverse image search engine for analysis.

Using pattern recognition algorithms, she discovers other photographers who have shared images with a similar visual footprint ‘just like hers’.

This echoes the method used by photographers to discover instances of copyright violation and defend their individual authorship. However, in Scourti’s work, the process initiates a creative exchange with other image makers who are invited to collaborate with her by tagging and describing photos, a process that in turn feeds back into an analysis of Scourti’s own archive of digital photos.

Pathways are created between bodies of images that question authenticity in an increasingly mediated, recorded life.
A Photoworks, The Photographers’ Gallery and #temporarycustodians co-commission for Brighton Photo Biennial 2014.So Like You also shows on the Media Wall at The Photographers’ Gallery, London (3 Oct-3 Dec). It was developed during a #temporarycustodians residency at Islington Mill, Salford.

This event is accessible to wheelchair users. 

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