Watch a Live Broadcast Sinking of REEF

Sinking of Brioney Victoria ship, Simon Faithfull, REEFREEF: Photo by Gavin Weber, copyright Simon Faithfull, 2014

Watch a live broadcast of the Brioney Victoria’s final voyage as it is set on fire and sunk as part of Simon Faithfull’s REEF project.

Following the sinking, five cameras on board the boat will report back from its final resting place and document the slow transformation into a reef. You will be able to watch a live stream from the cameras at a dedicated project website – the site will be online in the next few days.

Below are download details for Field Broadcast, an app through which it will be possible to watch the drama play out live. Field Broadcast is available on Apple and Android devices as well as in desktop versions.

Mac osx

Important Instructions for osx 10.8 &10.9 instructions




Once the app is installed on your device or desktop, it will automatically open when the sinking is about to take place, which is expected to be in the next few days, though there are a number of variables – not least the weather.